History and presentation of Svensk Psykodramaförening (Swedish Psychodrama Association)
Psychodrama was mainly introduced to Sweden in the late 60’s through training implemented by Ann Schützenberger, Zerka Moreno, Dean and Doreen Elefthery and Grethe Leutz. The first Swede who completed a full psychodramatic education in Beacon was Leif Dag Blomkvist who later started a training institute in south Sweden.
The present association was formed in 1993 through the transformation of the previous “Stockholm Psychodrama Association”. Its purpose is to provide information about psychodrama and Moreno’s theories, methods and philosophy. Everyone interested in these topics may apply for membership. It arranges meetings, supports a web-site and a newsletter and publishes, a journal in Swedish, “Psykodrama”, twice yearly.
Psychodrama in Sweden (present status)
There are altogether six training institutes, which provide training at basic and/or advanced levels. Their names and addresses can be found under the heading “Institut”. The institutes are affiliated to either NBE (Nordic Board of Examiners) or FEPTO (Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organisations). At the present time there are no common national standards for psychodrama in Sweden.
Psychodrama is applied in clinical psychotherapy, in organisations, in education and in the training of actors. Psychodrama is currently not registered as a method of psychotherapy by the medical and social board. Quite a number of clinical psychodramatists have chosen to obtain registration as psychotherapists through added competence in other psychotherapeutic fields.
You are welcome to contact the present board of the association at lars.tauvon@gmail.com

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